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The Advantage has one goal; provide the hosting professional the infrastructure they need to do what they do best. We never provide services directly to end users, or operate any other "front end" sites that allow your customers to bypass you. You can feel confident that your relationship with your clients remains secure.

Our Guarantee
We are so confident in our product and service offerings, we offer you a 100% money-back guarantee. If you are dissatisfied for any reason, you may request a full refund for the current service period. No fine print, no excuses, just real value.

Our Network and Infrastructure
Look, we've seen hundreds of datacenters, and have experienced many outages, security breaches,  crashes, network failures, and the notorious "intermittent" failures that plague ISP's, web and server hosts and co-location sites. One simple fact emerges from this experience: 99.9% of downtime is caused by human error. No amount of redundant infrastructure, backup systems or fancy software can help you with this problem when you leave the administration of a production network to an inexperienced technician without the proper training, and processes and procedures that are required to keep a network running correctly. We take pride in the up-time of our network very seriously, and implement the best practices available to us and have developed a comprehensive approach to preventing problems. In addition to practicing "safe hosting", we have built an enterprise class hosting environment with 2 to 4 levels of redundancy, including dual generators, four network cores, dual distribution switches for each customer and multiple fiber carriers.

Our Products and Services
All of our solutions are designed to bring you a unique mix of performance, reliability and value that we have found makes our resellers happiest. We don't run "gimmick" specials, or offer loss-leaders to get you into our network. Please contact us if you have any special requirements; we'll do our best to accommodate your needs.

Our Support
We maintain a level of support that is "geared" towards the hosting and IT professional; we will refer requests for simple issues to the vast resources available on the Internet, but will engage you completely for serious technical issues that affect your service on a 24X7X365 basis. We do our best to keep the technicians that you commonly work with assigned to your account, and will thoroughly document the issue and communicate with you until it is resolved. We understand how frustrating it can be when trying to reach your support team, so we offer you multiple ways to get a hold of us including IM, e-mail, web chat, old-fashioned telephone and even the home phone numbers of our senior management team as an escalation option if you are not satisfied with our regular support process. - -

Wholesale Products & Services
Contact us for a customized solution. We do not advertise specific solutions that compete with you.

  • High Capacity Virtual Hosts

  • Instant Availability & Activation

  • Hyper-V + VMware

  • High Capacity iSCSI solutions

  • Gigabit & 10 Gigabit Connectivity

  • Managed Co-Location

  • Private Metro Fiber Solutions

  • DoS / DDos Attack Mitigation

  • Secure Proxy and IP Filtering Solutions

  • IP Address Management and Peering

  • Geographic Redundancy Solutions

  • Multi-Site HA/DR Solutions

  • Disaster Recovery and BC Solutions

  • VPN / Security Solutions

  • Network Monitoring

  • SLA management

  • Hybrid Dedicated / Virtual

  • Multi-Site Hosting

  • Geographic Load Balancing